Hi everyone, thank you so much for your follows, likes, and YouTube subscriptions.

The response to our videos and online content has been incredible and as such has created a wonderful problem, but a problem all the same!

We have seen an increased number of drop-in visitors which is very flattering, but also time consuming.

Lock-Down restrictions and travel arrangements have not been completely lifted as yet and we cannot risk introducing people to the workspace who we do not know or those who are travelling out of area.

Also drop-in visitors do take us away from the projects we are currently working on which is not fair to our existing customers.

To that end, please do not turn up to the workshop unannounced. We are a busy workshop with a small number of staff, so every minute counts.

If you have a serious enquiry, please email info@combevalleycampers.com and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like advice on your build please ask your questions at www.patreon.com/combevalleycampers
Where we will personally answer your questions or include them.on our weekly Q&A youtube show.

Thank you all once again, and I do hope you understand. I aim to personally speak to, and help each and every one of you, but to do so we need to implement a system.

Best wishes and happy vanning,

Leigh and the team.


We have been creating weekly content on YouTube since April 2019. In this tme we have produced a range of content including our previous camper van conversion projects. Interviews and show reviews and finally our how-to series where we show you how you can build your own camper van. 

You can check out all of our camper van conversion videos below and find out more information about the channel. If you have watched and benefited from our videos we would love it if you check out our Patreon page. A small donation really does help and will unlock a bunch of exclusive features.


Born from a passion of owning, modifying and converting old Volkswagens, Combe Valley Campers Ltd was formed in 2016.


We specialise in van conversions and the design and construction of bespoke campervan interiors for ANY VEHICLE in our East Sussex workshop. 

Set deep in rural Hellingly, our fully equipped workshop and experienced team offer a range of services, including bespoke camper van conversions, leisure electrics, pop top roof installation, window fitting and mechanical services.

In 2019 we expanded the business online and started the Combe Valley Campers YouTube Channel and subsequent web store where you can purchase the items seen on our videos.

We pride ourselves on giving you quality workmanship, advice and products for your camper van.

We create the content that gets you building your dream camper van. 

Our blogs cover a range of different camper van conversion tasks. We also have created a camper van buyers guide and a growing content range on information regarding camper vans and van conversion. The blogs are also a great place to find out more about Combe Valley Campers and our news.

HOORAY! Our caps are now available to order. Unfortunately due to lock down there will be at least a 3 week lead time for until things get back to normal.