A dedicated page to share the history and an insight into the Combe Valley Campers YouTube channel. Here you can find out the inspiration for the channel and what we are showcasing in the videos. The channel has grown at a speed we never imagined and for that we are very grateful.  


When we started Combe Valley Campers in early 2016, uploading content to a dedicated You Tube Channel was always part of the plan, we even started a channel and uploaded two videos! It was soon realised however that with a full schedule and limited spare time the channel had to take a back seat. 

After a busy few years building the business it was decided that 2019 was the year it was actually going to happen. Leigh found a very talented and up and coming Videographer, Ali Jassim and in January 2019 we carried shot the first video.


Leigh is big YouTube fan and much prefers watching ‘home made’ content covering subjects relevant to his interests, rather than the TV.
Shows such as ‘Roadkill’, ‘Mighty Car Mods’ and ‘Mustie1’ are the main inspiration for filming what goes on at Combe Valley Campers and what we plan to cover in the future.

When it came to briefing Ali on how we were to shoot and edit the shows, Leigh referenced the editing styles of Vlogger ‘Casey Neistat’ and Film Director Edgar Wright as he is fan of their fast edits and choice of backing tracks and music.


How To

When Leigh built his first Camper in 2011, he used websites and Forums to gain as much info as possible and then he built his own camper ‘Bulli’.He’s always felt that he wanted to ‘payback’ to the camper and Vanlife community by making ‘How To’ videos sharing the skills he has since learned for people to build their own dream Van.


Shows coverage

Combe Valley Campers visit many local and national car shows and will be covering them for the online community to enjoy.


Build Breakdowns 

To inspire others into building their own vans, we will also carry out ‘Build bio’s’ on show cars and campers built by owners and garages across the country.


Adventures and road trips

We use our vans all the time and love taking trips and adventures. We shall be bringing the cameras along for you to see all the shenanigans we get up to!


Do you have an idea for a great video, or would you like your camper to be featured on the channel? We would love to hear from you!

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