• Dan

What to consider when buying a campervan

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

At Combe Valley Campers we know buying a campervan can be an overwhelming task! The options are endless, from starting with an empty panel van at a few hundred pounds. To a luxury motorhome costing tens of thousands. There is something for everyone, if you are thinking what campervan is for you and what you want and need from a campervan then this blog is for you. We will address some important factors which will ultimately decide what type of campervan you buy. 


This may ultimately be the main factor when buying a campervan. It is always important to have a budget in mind whether you are buying a brand new or second-hand campervan. When buying a second-hand van you need to be aware that there may be faults that occur both mechanically and wear and tear which will cost time and money to repair.

If you’re looking for a project van then always do your research. Make sure you make a list of everything you need to do and look up how much these items will cost. If you're working on a budget it is good to be thorough at this point and try not to miss out costs like extra tools you will need and also the price of screws, glue and other fasteners as these all do add up!

It may seem obvious but once you’ve bought a van you will need to tax and insure it. If this is part of your budget make sure to check the tax and get some insurance quotes beforehand. Specialist Campervan insurance is always worth looking at. They will be used to customers modifying their vehicles which a lot of standard insurance companies will not like and in result will bump up the price.

Mechanical interest and ability

Now, of course, you don’t need to be a mechanic to buy or even build a campervan but it is very important to consider this. Buying a van with a short MOT or a serious fault will bring the price down but will require resolving before you can start the 'van life'. So if you’re not going to do the work yourself then garage rates will need to be taken into consideration.

High mileage vans shouldn’t always be avoided, a well looked after high miler can serve you well but parts will ultimately need replacing so will be worth doing your research and checking the vehicle history.

The make, model and age of the van will make a difference regarding reliability doing an internet search of the van looking at owner reviews and professional reviews of the vehicle will be of benefit.


Building your dream van can be a very rewarding process but isn’t for everyone if you’re looking for a project then an empty van is a great way to start. If the build isn’t for you then narrowing your search for already converted vans. This will mean you won’t spend your weekends building but getting out and enjoying your dream campervan!