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How to lower your VW T4 gallery

Our VW T4 has recently undergone a dramatic change and now shows off its new low look. We filmed and photographed the process and you can find it all here!

Thanks to Ali Jassim as always for the awesome photos and creating a visual masterpiece!

Check out the photos below to see what goes on behind the camera. Spoiler alert, there is a lot of tea drinking!

Before we got started we familiarised the team a Mr B's Body shop how a typical filming day goes and what is involved. Chris from Mr B's Body shop then gave as an overview of the workshop and the lowering process.

How many men does it take to remove a shock absorber?

An impressive bench press.

We take the laptop to filming locations so we can check in with our online shop and monitor our emails and social media.

It also gives Dan the excuse to sit down and not do anything all day!

About to be punched by the Tasmanian devil or getting ready for a Black Sabbath gig? You decide.

14th tea break of the day. Leigh here, realising that the drop was quite dramatic!

If only everyone could look as happy as bugs bunny! It was at this moment we realised it was a little too low and some fine adjustments were needed.

Mission complete!

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