We have everything you need to get your vehicle looking spotless inside and out! We use a few brands when it comes to valeting and they are Valet pro and Karcher. So whether you are entering a show and shine or just wanting to present your vehicle to its full potential be sure to check out the valeting products below. 


The k4 full control pressure washer is one of the tools we buy and then wonder how and why we didn't buy one sooner. They are a quality piece of kit, the settings are clear and easy to use, with Karcher also have a strong range on click on attachments to effortlessly go from jet wash to snow foam to rinse. 

Also from Karcher, The Wet and dry vacuum is a must if you are wanting to give any carpet or upholstery a good clean.  


Interior cleaner - Brings a new lease of life to dashboards and plastic trims in the van. 

Dragons breath - Safely cleans metals by drawing out Iron and contamination, it gets its name from its unusual smell.

Concentrated shampoo -  Is a high-quality car shampoo designed for dirt to fall away.


Pre Wash- A Great way to start the clean. It loosens up dirt and removes bug splats ready for the next stage. 


As well as the cleaning products above here are the two main items in our bumper restoration video. 

Heat Gun- Will bring the oils out of the grey bumpers to give them a new lease of life. 

Black to the future- We love the name and we love the product too! It absorbs into the plastics and gives it a gloss finish. It also works well on tired tyres. 

Be sure to check out the video to see how you can transform your plastic bumpers.