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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

How much sound deadening and insulation do I need?

Are we taking on new bookings?

UPDATE: We are now able to take on smaller projects, please enquire via our contact form to find out what our current availability is.

Can we give you advice?

Yes. We get asked lots of questions every day and with the current staffing levels, we aren't able to respond to everyone. Fortunately, we have created a Patreon page where from £3 a month you can ask us as many questions as you like to assist you with your campervan build.

We also do weekly Q&A Wednesday videos on YouTube. You can send us questions for this via our Patreon page (guaranteed answer) or via our Instagram stories.

How much carpet lining do I need?

We always recommend over-ordering when it comes to buying carpet. Manufacturers recommend 10m on a 2m roll (20² meters) for a SWB medium van (VW T5) but we recommend 12m (24² meters). It will never go to waste as you can use it for smaller projects in the future, using it to cover and protect items.

The high-temperature contact adhesive covers approximately 2m² so the general rule of thumb is to buy 1 tin of spray adhesive per meter of carpet off the roll.

Does my van need a vapour barrier?

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