The mains 240V 8A intelligent leisure battery charger gives you the ability to charge your 12v leisure battery system via a 240v hook-up. 


Charges: 12V/24V AGM, GEL, SLA and WET Batteries.


Does your system have a charger installed?

Your 240v hook-up point may already be charging the leisure system via a charger. You can test this by connecting the  240v hook-up to the vehicle and monitor the 12v leisure battery voltage. If the leisure battery doesn't increase its voltage it is likely that you do not have a 240V leisure battery charger. 


Please note that this product is the 240v leisure battery charger only and for this to work you will need an operating 240V hook-up point, consumer unit, and 240v sockets. These can be purchased via Rayne Automotive here.


Rayne Automotives leisure electrics walk-through

Mains 240V 8A intelligent leisure battery charger