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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The new website is here and we are very excited! So why did we do it?

Combe Valley Campers YouTube channel launched in the early months of 2019 and it quickly filled a gap in the market. The how-to videos became increasingly popular bringing in more enquiries than we had seen before.

This made us see that there was a high demand for professional guidance for campervan building. We started growing our website by adding a products page. This is where we store all the products and tools we use in the videos. We've found these to be great for people wanting everything in one place.

These links were also set up on affiliation schemes, where we get a percentage of the sale. This money has been used to be able to carry on providing high-quality videos for our subscribers.

In addition to the products page, we started writing blogs. Some of these were written versions of the videos with the idea of appealing to more DIY builders. We also wrote blogs answering frequently asked questions.

This is where the old website was starting to see its end. Now, none of us here at Combe Valley campers are website programmers which probably doesn't surprise you and we had found the limit of what we personally could do with the old site. We wanted to be able to manage the site ourselves and for that, we were going to have to move to a more user-friendly website builder.

Anyway, let's not finish the blog with the conclusion that I wasn't worthy enough to use WordPress but to look at the positives and what the new site is going to mean.

Looking forward we are going to add many more features. We will see the arrival of an online store where we will be selling clothing and other Combe Valley Campers merch. We will also be adding a community page where we will have info on shows, events, interviews and much more. We are in talks with a number of companies with creating more affiliations which will see more how-to videos and reviews.

Finally, our new photo of the month. Each month on our Facebook page we will be asking for you to share your photos with us to feature on the home screen. Be sure to like us on Facebook to be involved. It doesn't have to be a photo of a campervan... But it helps.

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