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Announcing the new podcast

YouTube going live in 3..2.. Well, not quite yet, we haven't sound deadened the office and installed the light up 'on-air' sign for above the door, but it will be arriving very soon.

The idea of a podcast has always been an idea of Leigh's and with a growing online community we felt now is a great time to take the next step. The podcasts will be made up of 4 main sections and will focus on a specific topic weekly as well as some general Q and A.

Special Guests

We will be chatting with industry experts, YouTubers, as well as some close friends of the Combe Valley Campers, to give an insight into the industry.

Frequently asked questions

We answer some of the questions we get asked frequently. (Not much more to say on that.)

Viewer questions

Our live stream events will be set up with a live chat and we will be asking the team at Combe Valley Campers as well as our special guests your questions.

Quizzes, polls and quality entertainment

We can't promise the third part of this title but we will be making these live streams interactive. They will be linked to live polls and we will be including competitions for our live stream viewers.

Due to the current climate we will be hosting these with just Leigh and as Q&A shows. He will be taking your questions from our Patreon page and we hope to get the first podcast style video released by mid April 2020.

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