• Dan

How To Sound Deaden And Insulate Your Camper Van

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Welcome to the how-to guide series from Combe Valley Campers. This guide will be on the art of sound deadening and insulation which, if done correctly will make a world of difference to your van. We have put this blog together to give some hints and tips regarding sound deadening.

Due to the repetition involved in sound deadening, we haven't given today's guide in a detailed step by step guide. Instead, we will talk about what to do with the products and some handy tips we have discovered. All you need to do is repeat the steps we've explained throughout the interior of the van until it is fully insulated.

What you will need

Step One- Measurements

Before we start we strongly recommend wearing a good pair of work gloves, the 2mm sound deadening mat can be sharp when you are fitting the sheets onto panels in the van.

We are going to start with the larger interior panels. These larger areas are going to resonate the most and also let the most heat escape so focus on these first. If you have enough for remaining areas then cut them to size later on.

Using your tape measure get an idea of how much of the product you need and then cut the sound deadening to fit. It doesn’t need to be perfect but the aim is to cover as much as possible. This, of course, depends on two main factors the first being your budget and how much product you have and secondly patience. Fitting the 2mm sound deadening thoroughly could take up to two days to fit. We really do recommend covering as much as possible as it is a job you will only have to do once!

Step Two- Cutting

Place your sound deadening sheet on your cutting board and using your Stanley blade create the shapes to fit the van. if you are not familiar with the safe and correct way to use a Stanley blade then use a safety knife

When it comes to the trimming it is important to remember most vans are mirrored so when you’ve got your shape simply turn it over and draw round it. You then have a mirrored sheet to apply to the mirrored side saving time on taking measurements twice.

Step three- Application

The 2mm sound deadening is a peel and stick product. Before peeling the backing off make sure to offer the sound deadening up to the space to check the fit as it is a lot easier to cut and change when it’s not trying to stick its self to the cutting board.