• Dan

How to fit a Rusty Lee full width Rock 'N' Roll

Tools you will need

-Impact driver and drill (4mm-10mm) -13mm socket and 13mm spanner -Right angle -Stanley knife -G clamps -Screws -Spirit level

  1. Kick board, this part is screwed into the ply floor of your van and is what the seat will rest on.

  2. Seat base, Will move forward into a bed position and rest on the kick board.

  3. Back rest, folds flat and makes up the middle part of the 'bed'.

  4. Hinge sets, These are numbered to match what sections to fit them to.

  5. Bracket. This is the section which bolt to the bed to the van.

Step One- Hinge Assembly

For this you will need two 13mm spanners or a 13mm spanner and 13mm socket.

-Firstly take the supplied bolt and place a washer onto it.

-Place the bolt through the large arm which controls the hinge system.

-Next add another washer to the bolt.

-Then pass the bolt through the back rest.

-Add another washer to the bolt.

- Then pass the assembly and bolt together through the final seat base hole.

-Add the final washer and attach the nut.

- Tighten with your 13mm spanner and socket. Do not torque them up fully as this will stop the mechanics of the bed functioning.

Step Two- Kick board Assembly

Take the provided bolt and place it through the hinged system and kick board frame. Next place a washer on the bolt. Finally add on the nut and tighten.

Step three - Mock fitting the bed