• Dan

How To Professionally Carpet Line Your Camper Van

Updated: Apr 29

Today’s blog by Combe Valley Campers will give you a step by step guide to the preparation of the surfaces before we carpet, what tools to use and how to get the best results when fitting the carpet to the inside of your campervan. Please note we recommend sound deadening and insulating your van before you start carpeting.

So before we start the guide we’re going to walk through the two main ways you can carpet your van.

  • The first is take off all of the panels and carpet them separately, then carpet any of the metal that isn’t covered by the panels and finally reapplying the panels. This has its advantages in that it is the slightly easier option and you also have to option to remove the panels if in the future you need access for any maintenance.

  • The second option and the one we are going to focus on today is carpeting the sides of the van with a singular piece of carpet, this gives a nicer overall finish.

What you will need

Step One - Cleaning

Clean the areas of metal you wish to carpet. Remove any screws or fixings from the area. Use brake cleaner or alternative surface wipes to remove any dirt or grease.

Step Two - Trim And Panel Removal