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The Search for Perfection. Colin's VW T4

Colin is a local lad, a friend, and a customer of Combe Valley Campers. He has owned this van for 7 years and has done the majority of the conversion work himself. In this time it has seen over 5 different interiors,and plenty of exterior styles!

This van is everything for Colin and his young family. It takes him to work everyday, exploring mountain bike trails at the weekends, and camping holidays with his kids. As a result he has taken the mileage from a very low 87k to a, still very healthy, 150k.

In 2019, The van took quite the drastic style change, from swamper to slammed! Our very own Dan benefited from this as he bought the chunky wheels, tyres and suspension whilst Colin's T4 adopted its latest lowered look with the new 17" T5 wheels.

Not only does it look great lowered, it also means Colin's T4 will now fit in his garage! The lowering was courtesy of Scarface plates, Sachs HD dampers and Vogtland springs.

Looking at the latest interior, Colin made some big changes to create this beautiful campervan his own. The 3/4 Rock n roll bed was from Evans Campers and the campervan interior unit was second hand from a Mercedes Sprinter conversion. Colin made a few modifications so it would fit into his van and also added the tambour sliding doors.

Combe Valley Campers has seen this van on a few occasions and we have helped Colin by creating some bespoke storage solutions and capping off areas of his interior.

The pop-top roof is a West dubs scenic canvas and creates a great sleeping space for Colin's children. They accompanied him on his favourite trip away in the van when they visited a local Bodium campsite. The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all!

The bespoke buddy box was and idea of Colin's that David Powell Upholstery brought to life. Colin sourced a modern golf GTI fabric and David created a comfortable top for the seat and also upholstered some matching cushions that you can see on the bed in the van.

Colin's favourite modifications have been the addition of a pop-top roof, night heater and the new VW T5 wheels. Looking to the future, the plans are only for the T4 campervan to be enjoyed... For now.

It has taken some time, some money, and a few changes, but it was all worth it for the perfect camper.

You can follow this van and Colin's adventures on Instagram @explore_in_a_vwt4

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Aug 11, 2020

Phew!! Thought it was only me that wants to keep changing things. You don’t know until you try it out though. Your van looks amazing. Hope one day you will find peace with it ha ha. Enjoy. Stay safe!!

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