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 We have the link below will take you to the O Light webpage. These are at the higher price mark in the market but you will get a well made and product of high quality for your money. 


A reversing camera is a handy piece of kit when driving a larger vehicle. But what one do you get? They range from £20 to £300. The simple answer is whatever you want to spend.  One of the team here is very happy with his £30 camera which has been in the van for a year with no problems. Another member of the team who has a larger truck loves the product we review in the video as it has a wireless connection is HD and even captures sound.

In summary, do not be put off with the lower prices in the market as the price is a reflection on the technology price. A 2mp camera and screen aren't costly to make anymore whereas the wireless and HD models are.

Make sure to read the reviews as with any market there are some products that are better than others.